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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about

Idaho's Vehicle Emissions Testing Program

When is my vehicle due for testing?
I tested my vehicle last year, why am I getting a notice to test again now, aren’t the tests good for 2-years?
Will I get a notice in the mail when my vehicle is due for testing?
My registration has been revoked, what do I need to do now?
I received a final notice but not a first. Has my registration been revoked?
Where can I get my emissions tested?
Why does your program check for emissions control devices?
If I register my vehicle in another county, will I still have to test?
My vehicle is not operating right now. Can I get an extension?
My child has a vehicle away at school. Is he/she still required to test?
I just paid for my registration for 2 years. How can you revoke my registration?
How much does an emissions test cost?
How can I submit a complaint?
What vehicles are exempt from testing?
How can I get a hardship or repair waiver?
Do I have to wait to get my notice before I have my vehicle tested?
Do I have to have my emissions tested every year?
I changed the engine in my vehicle from a gas to diesel (or diesel to gas). Do I still have to have the emissions control equipment on board?
Can I install a used catalytic converter?
I have a 1996 or newer vehicle and my check engine light is on, but the emissions from my tailpipe are below the standard. How can I fail the emissions test?
How does the "Check Engine Light" relate to OBD-II?
Why do you use the OBD-II instead of testing emissions from the tailpipe?
Are OBD-II repairs covered by my warranty?
I failed my emissions test due to a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) specific to the transmission. How does the transmission affect emissions?
I failed my emissions test because of "Readiness Monitors." What does this mean?
How many monitors have to be ready?
If I fail due to readiness monitors, can I still qualify for a waiver?
What could cause my vehicle to be not ready?
How do I set my readiness monitor to be ready?
How do I perform a Generic Drive Cycle?
I sold or traded the vehicle for which I just received a notice. What should I do?
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